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On the Job with Ann Vann

Age: 28

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in drawing and sculpture from Birmingham-Southern College.

Experience: “A lifetime of drawing, and lots of side gigs. I opened L/E Art Gallery in 2014 as a part of Clinton Row. That was a great way to get to know Huntsville’s art community. Later, I helped MindGear Labs open their second location at Lowe Mill.”

Job title: Artist and Illustrator

Employer: Ann Vann Art Studio

Number of employees: “Me.”

Job description: “I use pen and ink to create intricate drawings and illustrations. When I’m not drawing, I’m promoting my art on social media @AnnVannArt.”

Best perk: “I am never bored.”

Ambition: “To make a living solely as an artist and illustrator.”

Best advice received: “Either make good art or learn from your bad art.”

Best advice to give: “Don’t give advice if you can help it. Listen.”

It’s a bad day when: “The cats decide my art needs more coffee on it.”

It’s a good day when: “The coffee decides my art needs more cats in it.”

Role models: “Edward Gorey, Rebecca Rebouche, Kiki Smith, my family.”

Working on: “My current projects include commissions and the Clinton Row Colorwalk.”

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